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Rearrange grid layout on mouse click


I am trying to re-arrange my grid layouts on mouseclick.


please go to “some work”
try selecting different types of her projects (all, web, print, etc)
Her grid re-arranges itself and hides/shows works that are relevant to the selected type.

I wanted to do the same. Please help! Thank you!

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Hi @Uyangaa_Cooper, this type of layout is more related to interactions, CMS categories than with actual grid. Yes the grid provides the layout, but you would need to use at min 2 CMS collections, one for the different categories and the other for the actual projects.

From there you could create an interaction that would allow you to give it that movement, but to move them independently like that, would take a lot of custom code.

Hello there,

I’m quite new to webflow and I’m looking exactly what @Uyangaa_Cooper is looking for!
A grid that re-arranges itselft accorading to the selected catergory.

@WebDev_Brandon or anyone, can you direct me through some links talking about this process in detail ? I’m not really sure to understand the use of CMS here…

Thank you in advanced ! :slight_smile:

-Charles Collin