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Really Stumped With Cutoff Content Only On Iphone

Hello Gurus - I have run into a bizarre issue. I completed my sight and thought everything was great - desktop looked fine, droid cell looked fine – however, when I tested the site on an iphone one of the pages top part of the content is cut off (meaning it is hidden up high above the header out of view of the page - I can scroll down but I am unable to scroll up past a certain point hiding content and most importantly my shopping cart button.

Also, weird is the text I have for the Heading title on the published site is reading differently than what is shown in the design page no matter how many times I try to change it.

I tried quite a few troubleshooting routes but nothing fixed the problem that will keep the integrity of the design in place.

The page I am having specific issue with is:

Via the Read Only File its the: Products Template Page under the Ecommerce Section

I noticed there was a empty container on that page above the container with the content in question. When I removed the container it seemed to help a bit with the misplacement but I ultimately reverted back to a backup version because it got even more out of whack when I continued for a solution.

I would also like to preface this with - I am not well versed in code at all and this was my first time designing on the Webflow platform. In my design controls for my read only file things may look a little wonky because I this was a feel and design rather than a experienced design.

Any help with this issue is GREATLY appreciated - also if clarification is needed please don’t hesitate to ask away.

Thanks in advance for any help in the right direction!

Here is my site Read-Only: **LINK