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Really need help with my blog post issue

Hi, my blog post body copy is not showing up. What should i do?
Here is the link

ALSO, I am having trouble placing two blog posts next to each other. Can someone help me out?

Hi @Angeline_Neo, thanks for your post, could you help to share the site published page where the post does not show and which post where you expecting to see?

Thanks in advance,

I could not find a “blog post body copy” so please explain.

I deleted all the classes for the three collection items. This makes it work, but it may not be how you want it to look.

I have my content in the blog post but it is not showing up on the blog page.

These are the link to my blog posts.


I am stepping in for Dave while he off this week. So for your post body and some other pieces I created a short video for you:

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

Thank you so much for the help on my blog post. One last question, how do I place the posts next to each other (horizontally)?

Here is the link:

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