Read More / Read Less CMS collection list

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been working on a collection list that has a read more/read less button and the interaction works good, but when i publish, the interaction happens in all the cards of the collection and not just the one in specific,

My question — Does anyone know how to get the interaction (read more/read less) to work individually for each card and not all at the same time?

I am attaching the link to the site which is in the section -THE TEAM.

Link-- Page - section THE TEAM

Help is greatly appreciated,

Thank you.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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In the IX panel, you can set limitations for targets of actions. For example limit to siblings, or children elements of the trigger. This is how IX are reused.

If you don’t find your way, please share your read only link and I’ll show you :slight_smile:


Thank you for answering, I believe it must be something really simple. But I am not quite sure how to set limitations.

Here is my read-only link, Read only Link

Thank you once again.