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Hey, I would like to add to my one pager prtfolio ‘Read more’ button that will open more hidden text.
Of course there should be an option to close it back to hidden option.
How do I create this interaction?

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Hi, check out this page, example 3 should cover it for you


Thanks, but still can not produce it.
I don’t have all the optins like the sample.
Very frustrating.

Interaction options are found within the designer in the top right hand side bar - looks like a lightning bolt

I know where it is.
I don’t understand how to do the setting shown in the example and in what elements.

Does this help?

OK! Did it!
Now I have to find a solution to the elements under this ‘read more’ text box…

I need this spelled out for me because I don’t get it. @RoseWebStudio

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