[React Autosuggest] Anyone tried to implement that?

Hey folks,

I was just wondering if anyone of you ever tried to implement “react autosuggest” into your project or has any idea how to implement that piece of code into a webflow task?


I tried, but got only js console errors on my way. I changed the text/js to text/jsx and had no errors anymore but I cant still get the plugin to work. Also had no idea where to name my target input #id and so on.

Would be glad if anyone d have a short tutorial for that …

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You can’t use this in Webflow, as Webflow projects are not a React application.

You might want to try Select2 instead.

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Thanks Sam, I ll give it a try…hopefully there is a good documentation for that plugin available :).


I cannot make Select2 work when inside Webflow…
I wonder if you could kindly have a look at the help request I just posted about it?

Thank you,

Try autoComplete.js . It may be easier for you to implement: