Re-trigger interaction when scrolling up?

Hello Everyone,

I am very new to Webflow, though I have some experience building in Wordpress, Squarespace etc.

What I’m Building:
I work for a small art museum and I’m interested in using Webflow to build animated web stories that can be hosted on a tablet next to a particular artwork. Our inspiration for the series is the NYT’s “Closer read” series.

The main mechanics of it is that you’re looking at an image of an artwork and, as you scroll, chunks of text appear that then trigger scale/move interactions that zoom into particular sections of the work.

Problem I’m trying to solve:
I have figured out how to trigger these interactions by scroll down. However, I would also like to be to re-trigger the previous interaction when the user scrolls back up. For example, if someone wants to go back and read the previous chunk of text, I would like to image to go back to the scale/move position it was at. So far I can’t seem to get this to work…

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


Here is the link to a sample project (this is not an actual piece we’re looking to design for. The image and text are purely for experimentation): Webflow - Collin's Site 2

NYT’s Close Read series should be pretty simple to replicate. You have the entire thing placed in a section which will have a ‘scrolling in view’ interaction. You animate the images (position, scale, whatever you need) by adding keyframes at different points of the section scroll (in values of percentage). Just try the ‘scrolling in view’ interaction and you should be able to figure it out pretty quickly.