Re-Theming a Webflow Site

What’s the official “best practices” process for taking an existing Webflow site and re-theming it with a new template?

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There’s none. There’s a million way :slight_smile: And it depends a lot on how the site was made, is it clean, is it bloated. If it’s bloated, redoing is better than restyling, it’s also quicker and easier.

This said, you should learn how to use the @Finsweet Chrome extension, because it has two extremely useful options: clear classes and clear styles.

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Thanks Vincent, yeah I suspected that was still the case. I usually work with a content-first approach, so I’m amassing some tools & processes to help make that work in Weblow’s design-first paradigm. Finsweet looks like it could be quite helpful.

Are you aware of any advanced tools for migrating and synchronizing CMS content between webflow sites? I often build collections of 4-5 Webflow sites for a single client, which represent different aspects of their business- but parts of the sites must be in sync. Covid alerts, product catalogs, events, etc.

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Webflow has a CMS API, which can be used with automations to keep content in sync, for example. Think Airtable for example. Finsweet can also help, check their Airtable App called NoBull.

Be aware of the limitations of the API.

I have many clients who use PowerImporter for this. They keep all their content in Airtable and have it automatically synced to multiple Webflow CMS sites. You can define different views in Airtable to filter the content so each Webflow sites gets a different subset of the content.

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Dang I always forgot about PowerImporter! Thanks.

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