Re-run Script/Code when Finsweet Load More/Filters are applied

I have a script that that adds something into items that are inside a collection list

On this page with this collection I’m using load more/filters with Finsweet to let users filter/load more items

The items that are loaded initially get the script ran on them, but any items that are filtered/loaded don’t

I’m aware that rendering/filtering items resets interactions and that scripts are only ran initially - so I tried triggering the script with a button click (that button is inside the items) but it still doesn’t work even if a new item is rendered and the button is clicked

The script is inserted in the custom code section on page settings, not inside the items

What I’m wondering is if there’s some kind of function or something I can tie/trigger my script with when new items are rendered? So that every time items are filtered/loaded/rendered my script runs?