RE-publishing a newer site - need a smartie!

Sorry for the bother. I need a little help ‘re-publishing’ a new site.

On my dashboard there are 2 sites I developed.

First, I developed and published site2.

Thereafter, I created COPY OF JUNE 2014. Nice name, I know.

Today, I un-published site2.

Then, I published COPY OF JUNE 2014.

No joy. 404! Unfortunately, the domain isn’t pointing to COPY OF JUNE 2014. I only get a 404 page, I can’t work around it, change the domain name, etc. Tried everything (I think).

The webflow sub domain publishes, but obviously that’s not what I want

Any suggestions - to publish my newly minted site?

Many thanks!

If you want to transfer your domain from one site and put it on another site, you must first remove the domain from the custom domain section of site settings on the first site, and add that as a custom domain on the second site.

After that, then the domain will point to the correct site.

I hope that helps ! Cheers, Dave

Hi @cyberdave

Didn’t work following your advise. Is there any extra steps I need to take? Thanks

Not sure if you are hosting with webflow…

  • if you are the instructions might different.

This assumes you are using the 3rd level domain…

basically the idea is this:

you have 2 sites…

site 1 name is “mysite-1”

site 2 name is “mysite-2”

MySite-2 is a copy of MySite-1.

MySite-1 is the current site.

MySite-2 is what you want to be the current site.

Using the Dashboard… rename MySite-1 to MySite-3.

Then rename MySite-2 to MySite-1.

When you publish MySite-1… it will be the new site… which is really “MySite-2”.

hope this helps.

Hi @Revolution,

Thanks very much for your reply. I am hosting with webflow but custom domain. For some reason the custom domain only allowed on original site and cannot be switch between sites…’

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