Re-design my website

I am a recent UX design Bootcamp graduate and currently interning at Rosetta Stone as a UX designer. However, when I made my portfolio, I had to code it myself, so I could not make it exactly the way I wanted it, so I am trying to rebuild my portfolio using webflow. I am struggling is there anyone who can help me redesign my portfolio I can pay for that

Welcome to the community @Kamala_Prasai!

I took a peek at your current portfolio and based on the layout I’d imagine you shouldn’t have too much trouble recreating it within Webflow. Since you mention not being able to make it exactly the way you wanted I’m not sure what would change on your “ideal” portfolio design, but there are lots of great tutorials available in the Webflow University. Taking some time to walk through that content will definitely make you more comfortable with the tools and everything is 100% free.

That said, where exactly are you running into issues with your current Webflow build? Giving the community examples (as well as a read-only share link to your project) can help in getting you good actionable steps to solving any problems you may be running into.

Hi, can I take a look at the old portfolio? I’m here to help.


I can definitely help you rebuild your website in Webflow. I have over 5 years Webflow design experience.

Feel free to get in touch.


Hi Kamala,
Happy to take on this project as it is well within my skill set.
Feel free to email me the details on
Best Wishes,

@Kamala_Prasai You can contact me at we specialize in making things look dope. :wink: