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Re-Capta type Website

I want to create a site that has a purpose somewhat similar to Re-Capta; actually more like Inverse of Re-Capta.

The vision is:

  1. Admin will post a few hundred words in some language
    1.5 Allow members to sign-up if they give a fee of $1.00, say.
  2. Ask members to articulate what feelings or meanings it evokes, from their POV. Members can also post a photo or drawing.

3 Let members engage in Likes
4. Let members search by Highest Likes
5. Let members Submit their own words for Review by Admin, Before posting on website.
6. Allow members to donate small $ amounts

Would it be easy for a non-programmer to create a Secure site for this. Would it also be usable on a Mobile phone?

Thank you in advance for your time!!