Re-assign an ID

Hi guys,

I accidentally assigned an ID to the wrong element on my page (a div instead of an input).

I use the ID in some jQuery code so I need to assign it correctly to the input but after deleting the ID in the Settings Tab of the div element and entering it into the Settings Tab of the input element, Webflow gives me an error saying that the ID is already in use.

Is there any way around this? It appears you can only assign an ID once and not change it?


Hi @hamishirving, thanks for the post. It sounds like the id is still in use on some element on the page, perhaps created when copy and pasting elements.

Can you please check every element on on your site, and check the ID field in the settings panel, and re-check for the duplicate ID ?

Also, it would help for us to help on this, if you can share your read-only link, see the guidelines for posting: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category


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