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Rapper Radio for Chance the Rapper!

Hey all,

I’m super excited to share this project that we (@rileyrichter and I) did for Chance the Rapper — the new Rapper Radio, built in Webflow!

Rapper Radio is an idea that Chance and his team had a couple of years ago to help make independent artists more known to the world. The original build allowed users to go to, enter their city, and auto-compose a tweet directed at their local radio stations to play certain tracks.

Chance wanted to build a new version this time around to launch in tandem with his new album, The Big Day. In this new version, Chance wanted to expand beyond radio and included Digital Service Providers (DSPs) like Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and so on to get independent artists on some of the world’s most popular playlists. So, we built it!

The beautiful thing about this is the fact that Chance’s talent management agency (Haight Brand, our incredible partners on this!) can update everything from songs to artists to playlists ALL from the CMS. Previously, there was a complicated code-heavy tech stack that ran the website, but now, everything can be done from the CMS.

This was a huge focus point in what Ben and I wanted to build out for Chance and his team, as we want their team to not have to worry about bringing in a full development team just to add an artist or song.

Overall, we’re super thrilled and honored that we got to work with Chance and the fine folks at Haight Brand, and we’re even more excited to roll out Rapper Radio for ALL independent artists in the coming weeks/months. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!

(PS — if you need to bring someone on for a Webflow project… hire Ben. IMMEDIATELY. This man works so hard on everything and brings his A game every day. You cannot go wrong working with him!)


Wow, this is soooo amazing!! What a rad project to work on! Congrats and great work!

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Thanks, Nathaniel!! I’m so glad you like it.

:partying_face: nice work!

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Looks amazing @mattvaru and @rileyrichter. You guys did a great job on this.

It is great to see another well known entity using Webflow as their main source of production and work.

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Thanks, Sarah!! :confetti_ball:

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I appreciate that!! Totally agree - the stack before was complex and very resource-heavy and required developer expertise to update the database that stores everything. Webflow was the perfect solution here for Chance’s team. Plus, Ben has got some kick-ass no/low code improvements in mind for future iterations to help make their life easier as well. :raised_hands:t4:

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Nice work. I will save the music in my Spotify app for playback. And I think I should use a spotify music converter to download the songs so I can keep them forever. Then I cna listen to them offline on any devices. So exciting.