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Ranked on the 10th Page? Is it due to bad SEO?

Hello! I’ve just recently setup my first portfolio website. I transferred from the Wix DIY to the Webflow service due to the fact of offering structurally generated code alongside the option to import custom CSS. The Webflow team is VERY helpful and very respondent to issues! Great job guys! Also, props to you for listening to your audience!

As for the community, I have noticed nothing but loyal customers. I’m excited to be apart of this journey now! Alright, enough rambling, let me get to the point!

Currently I own:
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It’s a portfolio website, and I specifically want it to rank at least in the top 3 for “Web Design in Wilmington, NC”. I could be wrong, but I feel as if I’ve taken the majority of the steps to ensure that it ranks. I added proper headings (H1, H2, etc). I targeted the specific words “Web Design in Wilmington, NC”, “Web Design”, “Wilmington” multiple times within my website. I’ve accessed Google Webmaster and fetched my domain and ALL its pages. I’m assuming the sitemap will be crawled automatically, unless you guys suggest I should just go ahead and upload it?

Regardless, the website ends up being on the 10th page for the search of “Web Design in Wilmington, NC”. Currently, I’m setting up a 404 page. But, I do not have any social links and my business doesn’t reside at any physical address. would this be the reasoning to have such a poor SEO ranking?

As you could have guessed, I am new to this! One of the services I offer is SEO, and I just wanted to begin here to see what I could potentially do better! Any insight would be awesome!

If you just recently set it up, it’s not going to be ranked well. SEO takes times to kick in. Until you start getting regular views on your website, Google is going to see you as the new kid on the block. Also, I’d personally go ahead and submit a sitemap. Google will show when it has crawled your webpages from your sitemap. Set up social accounts, link them to your website. SEO is a big game of doing the right things. Bring interested people to your website and Google will start to see you as good option for certain queries that your target audience is searching with. Google webmasters along with google analytics are a decent combo to starting out with SEO. It is a bit tough to rank high with big SEO companies that you are competing against. Your best bet is to optimize what you have and network and use word of mouth. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask.

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@chuzzweb I really appreciate you taking the time to inform me of SEO. I must have been previously spoiled with my other client. I was able to rank them #1 for around 15 total keywords, but that could have been due to the fact that they were previously ranked and the competition is VERY low for their niche.

However, you are correct. The niche that I’m attempting to out perform are SEO professionals. But, I’m not going to allow that to stop me! So you suggest this criteria:

  • Setup social media
  • Submit Sitemap
  • Attain regular views

Also, have I done anything WRONG so far towards attaining proper SEO by your knowledge?


I will PM you, for I’m not exactly sure if this is Webflow Forum material :slight_smile: