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Random timings for animation

Hey guys,

I lately got much into animations (advancing at new levels) and for some time I was wondering if there are other solutions to somehow create an animation assigned to a class which has multiple elements.

To give a rough example:
We have around 20 bubbles with same class and assigned an animation of “grow big”, in a simple manner I would need to manually go around all the elements and assign different timings so every bubble will “grow big” one after another.

My question is:
Is there a faster solution to assign different timings to randomly animated those elements (likely with a possibility to twitch them a bit)?

You may want to investigate GSAP. It has a random utility method and can be driven by your own JavaScript code to accomplish just about any animation you might want.

Getting Started with GSAP - Learning Center - GreenSock

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@webdev Thanks for source will totally check it out!

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