Random "=" string being inserted into bottom of page before </body>

Hi all,

One of the websites that I’ve build has started to display a random single “=” string before the closing body tag. I’ve got no idea where this is coming from - it doesn’t appear to be from anywhere in the designer, the page settings custom code, or the site-wide custom code. I’m baffled.

It seems to be injected a few seconds after page load. The live site link is here, the string appears at the bottom of the page below the footer: https://www.everilorr.co.nz/

Anybody had similar issues or have any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@Lance_Jackson - If that character is not in the page source at that location then a script you added is generating it. Something that you can debug in dev tools.

Thanks for the response @webdev - that was my first thought also.

However, it seems to be coming from Webflow somehow - please see the below screenshots. When I am logged in and the editor button is visible, this character is not inserted. However when I view the page in an incognito tab, it is.

It’s a script mate. If I block your scripts the character is not there. When I let them pass it is. Use your dev tools to debug. It’s part of being a web developer.

Appreciate the tip – blocking the Google Tag Manager script appears to prevent it. Though I cannot understand why the character is being appended to the dom because of the GTM script.

Check your GTM script embeds for any extraneous characters, but also GTM can install scripts as well and marketers sometimes go a bit nuts with that. You may need to comb through any GTM script installs as well.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve double checked the GTM script and copy+pasted a fresh one from the source, the script is as it should be.

You’re saying it’s possible someone from the marketing team could have installed scripts from the Tag Manager platform that could inject source code via the GTM tag? There do appear to be some third party injected scripts (DoubleClick, FB, Stackattack) that I’ve not included in the build.

Ok so you were both right @memetican and @webdev - the character was injected through a typo in one of the marketing teams script injections via GTM platform. Thanks both.