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Random slideshow feature

I need to make slider go random. Is there a parameter for it?

Thanks in advance

Hi @biodust, thanks for the question. At the moment, there is not a built-in random slide function. It’s a good idea though. I will update this topic to the Wish list category. Cheers, Dave

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Ok, thanks for the reply.
Hope to see it in a future version soon.

Hi @cyberdave, do you know if this could be achieved with JS or jQuery?

Hi @davidvm. It may be possible to get a jquery plugin to do this, or you can use some custom jquery, Webflow allows you to use jQuery in your site, you normally put that in the Footer of the site :

If you can live without having it random until we have a chance to make an option for this, the slider and lightbox widgets may be the best simple solution.

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


Thanks @cyberdave, sounds good, I might try it if necessary. However, sorry, I actually meant if the Webflow slider widget can be affected right now with some extra code to make it random, before you are able to update it.


Hi @cyberdave, any idea about this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @davidvm, there has been no changes yet for the random slideshow feature, this is still not built in to the Slider. I cannot give you an exact ETA on this. When there is an update, we will update our page:

We do not support editing the webflow.js at the moment. I can reach out to our team and see if they have any ideas for you on this :slight_smile:

Cheers, Dave

Thanks Dave, sure, it would be awesome if you could ask the team :smiley:. Thanks!!


Hi Dave @cyberdave, any ideas from the team regarding this? Thanks!

Any updates? i was thinking about this today, thanks

Hi @OrangePeel, sorry no update on this yet. Sorry I cannot give you an ETA at the moment :-/

Hi @cyberdave and all,
I’d like to join the call…
I’m trying to encourage my son to create games with me. Here’s my first attempt (it’s me, my wife and both my kids). It would be great if I could shuffle this.

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Hey @LupoAsaf I made a quick tutorial on this a little while back to help folks randomize child elements and happened to do it with a slider: Different slider each time the page loads feel free to pm me if you’re having any trouble :slight_smile: