Random Horizontal Scroll

Hi Team,

Just beginning to put together a new portfolio. But I’m having a bit of an issue where I get to a part on the home page where I am able to horizontally scroll, which I don’t want. I’ve gone through the sizing of all the elements a nothing looks to be going past the view width.

The link is included, and it’s all still pretty raw. But hoping someone can take a look and see what is happening. The horizontal scroll begins at the NHL player profile part.


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Hey Aaron,

Is the horizontal scroll issue still occurring?

I’ve just had a look and it doesn’t appear to happen??
(Is this the ‘random’ behaviour?)

Can you confirm what Viewport is occurs.


Hi mate,

Still occurring, potentially could be because I’m on a smaller screen at the moment (stuck in isolation in a hotel in New Zealand,). The canvas I’m working is at 1257. But it wasn’t happening earlier and then all of a sudden started happening again.

It’s happening at all breakpoints too.

Hmmm…very strange?!

(BTW - Welcome home, or Welcome back?) - I’m in Wellington.

I’ve tried to reproduce the Horizontal scroll (admittedly I’m on a larger screen), but I’ve resized the browser and the Webflow canvas but still cannot replicate???

I can’t see any obvious elements affecting the width either. (Sorry, not really being much help here)

Haha cheers mate, honestly good to be back from London!

Yeah I’m not sure what’s going on. I published it, viewed it on the TV here - it did it on the desktop version, not the tablet view, but on the portrait phone it did it. (I did view it on a phone too). May have to start from scratch or something.

I’m noticing the overflow when the hero text animates off the screen on mid-sized desktop and lower and the overflow size increases directly in line with the text movement:


Setting the overflow of the hero wrapper to “hidden” should fix the issue, so let me know if you are still running into problems after making that change :+1:

Ah perfect mate. I knew it would be something stupid that I should’ve known haha.

I did end up recreating the page anyway, but I did set the hero section overflow to hidden and it definitely doesn’t happen now.

Thanks for your help!

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