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Random Font Bug - Clueless - Help!

Hi All,

Been working away on a client site for a couple of weeks and all is fine

I was using a custom font.

That font still shows as installed but now randomly 5 mins ago is displaying it as a different font completely but still shows up in the css styles and dropdowns as my font :confused:

Really at a loss here and its completely ruined the look and feel of the site

The thin font attached is how it should be - the chunky fonts what its randomly turned into.

I have tried restoring to a point before this happend but no joy :frowning:

Any help is hugely appreciated



Update: the Normal weight of the custom font is now displaying as the most bold. That what the bug appears to be. If i load the site out of editor in chrome on my macbook air its fine. But on the imac its all messed up in and out of editor in chrome still :confused:

Final Update.

If anyone encounters this weird issue - uninstalling my custom fonts and reinstalling them worked for me


Interesting…sounds like a caching issue maybe if one computer is fine but the other isn’t? We’ll try and reproduce the issue.

Thanks Bryant, I also didn’t reinstall the Super Bold version of the font that was causing the issue when I reinstalled the fonts.