Random files download on page load in Safari

Hey everyone. I recently built a site for a client and am running into a bizarre issue. Upon loading the Music page (attached) ONLY in Safari, it prompts the download of a dozen or so files. All with names like “10YFj2pOqUUjsqAPX5ZMeh” with no extension. This happens on iPhone & Desktop.

I’m very lost on why this is happening. Does anyone notice anything out of order?

Thank you!

Published Site: Bedouin - Music

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Bedouin

Since this happens on the published site you really need to share that link if you want someone to investigate the issue. This is mentioned in the posting guidelines for this topic in case you missed that.

That’s my bad. Updated original post. Thank you!

It appears that you are using the Spotify API for tracks. I suggest you consult the Spotify API docs or their developer forums for resolution.

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