Radius not working + Blurry SVGs + Blurry Vimeo Video without Controls

Hi everybody :wave:

I have 3.5 little issues/questions I haven’t been able to fix:

  1. Favorites-Section: For some reason I haven’t been able to apply 6px bottom-radius to the grey element at the bottom for non-desktop devices like the iPhone.

  2. Experience-Section: The logos are saved as SVGs but are blurry on iPhone.

  3. Works-Section: Why is the Vimeo video blurry and without playback controls? Only after some time it loads the image + controls.

  4. Extra: I tried to embed the video with the iFrame code from Vimeo to be able to select custom options like hiding title and Vimeo profile picture. I added an embed + added the
    Vimeo link from the CMS but unfortunately it broke my website, embedding a copy of my website instead. Any tutorial how to do that? This one really is just a nice to have :innocent:

Thank you folks! :metal:

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/jerdesign?utm_source=jerdesign&preview=e515bdee54e5bfef19386e24777a00c4&mode=preview