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Radius field displays [object] when illegal value is entered

A couple times… when I select a Header Element (encased in a Link Block)

The Radius value field changes from “-” (dash) to “[object Object]”.

It doesn’t seem to affect anything… and clicking the field removes the text and replaces it with the dash.

can i see a screenshot or screencast of this please?

I found out how to duplicated it.

Basically, whenever an illegal value is entered into the field…
the field content displays "[object Object].

My cursor was mistakenly in the Radius Field… instead of the Background Color Field.

ooo nice find. if you want, send that in as a trouble ticket so the WF team can fix it. if you don’t want to, I can do it :wink:


Disquis Error Message “Body is invalid; try to be a little more descriptive”

I guess I need to be more descriptive with my body.

ok… well. I’m Good Look’n. Lean and Muscular.

I’m married… so that possibly rules out some of my options.


@Revolution, thanks for the bug report, we are working to investigate this. Cheers, Dave