Radio or Checkbox Data as a Form Subject

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I have to create a form that has two radio buttons and depending on which of them is going to be selected there’s going to be a different message sent to the client. Is this somehow possible without exporting the code? I’d like my client to have CMS. Or is there some custom code that could target the subject line. I know how to make this with node js but have no idea how to send something without a server.

Or if none of this is possible, is there a way to make this with a 3rd party form?

Thanks guys!

Hi Dan, can you be more specific;

Are you talking about just the subject line or the Body? Or both?

Where would the content exist? In the form, entered by the user? Or from an existing element?

Does the submission data need to be sanitized?

Let me know and I may be able to provide a solution for you.

Hey webdev,

thanks for the quick response. First of all forgot to mention that I’m using webflows forms for the fist time so bare with me haha.

The subject line would exist in the sent email that is going to be received by the owner of the website. If you go to Forms in the project settings you can add that subject line, but instead of that I want to send a little message that is going to be selected as a checkbox/radio button by the user and that’s what should be displayed in the subject of the owners email account. So he would see a message like this: “A visitor requested a consultation” or “a visitor requested a product demo”

I think this a pretty simple thing to do, there should be a work around. Like I wrote, I’d like my client have to CMS and I don’t really want to sacrifice it. I would be okay with a 3rd party email service that is capable of this as well.


I don’t know what you mean by sanitized. Do you mean preventing users from typing malicious code into the text-area?

Doesn’t look like this is possible at this time:

You could use Zapier to do this though:

Never used Zapier before. I’ll hope it’s possible haha.

Thanks for the answer!

Does Zapier only work with a Gmail account? Thanks :slight_smile:

@DanApro It connects to lots of apps, you can pretty much do anything you want with the data. The most basic solution for what you are looking to do is probably just do use the built-in Zapier email action, but you can use gmail, mailchimp, salesforce, outlook and hundreds (if not thousands) of other apps.

You could also build a custom solution for this, but Zapier is probably the easiest / quickest route.

Here is a quick preview of some of the available integrations:

Alright I’ll give it a go! Thanks sam-g!

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No problem, let me know how it goes :slight_smile: