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Radio buttons to mailchimp

Anyone here recently tried to send form information from Webflow to Mailchimp with radio button choices?

I can’t seem to get it to work. I have made the Group Name in webflow the same as the Field Tag in mailchimp.

Any other tips?

Hi @krubens, i hope you are doing well.

Have you tried to link wf and mailchimp with zapier ?
You should give it a quick try, i do it all the time for mailchimp now and works all the time as expected. (Had some issues with classic integration before).
Have a nice day,

I was hoping it would just work without, but I guess thats the solution :slight_smile:
Thank you Zbrah :slight_smile:

Hi @zbrah I have the same issue, so tried zapier and now zapier will not recognise the form in webflow? Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?


Hey @kohru,

Can you please detail what do you mean by not recognise the wf form ?
When you connect your webflow to zapier, you need to chose the site from your webflow account you want as trigger, an then select the form concerned.

If the form name doesn’t show in the list, which can happens sometimes for some reasons, just select at the bottom of the dropdown “other options”, use a custom value.

And type in the form name (you can find / edit your form name in your form settings on webflow)


Hope this helps,


Please note that if you change your form name after that, your ll need to select the new form name on zapier. (Basically don’t change it, it’s not a good idea if it’s connected)

Thank you @zbrah, I will try inputting the custom value. I take it you have integrated forms from WF to Mailchimp lists via Zapier and the radio buttons / check-boxes work for you with this set up? That was the motivation for doing this.
Thanks for your time

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@kohru, no problem, glad it helps.
Never tried with radio button or check boxes for mailchimp as webflow trigger, but i have already done it for another use case without any problem.
Means zapier can collect the data / put it in another field should not be the difficult part.
Should work as expected, worth you engage time on this solution in my opinion.
Have a good day

Thanks again @zbrah, I will certainly try in out.

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