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Radio buttons not selectable in preview mode

This is my first use of radio buttons and so I assume I’m missing something. My group name is the same for the two radio buttons. Neither can be selected. If I set a custom property ‘checked’ to any value the button appears checked but only in the last one I edited. Tried putting them in a Div block but that doesn’t help. What am I missing?

Here is my public share link:
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Hi @cpChambers, thanks for your post.

There is definitely something strange going on with the radio buttons, I am helping to check further and will reply back once I have further info.

Hi @cpChambers, there is an open issue with the radio buttons not being selectable in the preview mode.

When the site is published the radio buttons should work as expected.

I can see our team is working to push out some updated for forms inputs and when this update is made for the radio buttons I will let you know.

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