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Radio Button Group

Radio Buttons

When you change the Choice Value…
ie: Yes or No

------> Why does it change the ID of the element ???

Assume a Radio Group…

If I use the value “Yes” in one of elements
it makes the ID “Yes” for the element.

If I have another Radio Group
and I have a “Yes” element…

It will make that ID “Yes-2”.

Why can’t I control the ID and keep it seperate than the value ???

Hi @Revolution, thanks for the report. I have been unable to reproduce this so far. Is it possible for you to create a screencast to show what the issue is ? I want to make sure I am looking at the same thing.

I dragged two forms to a blank page, added two radio buttons per form and added the choice value of Yes and No to both radio buttons, on both forms. When I did that however, the ID was not set for any of the radio buttons (and it should not affect the ID anyway).

Thanks in advance and I’ll be standing by for your response! Cheers, Dave

Wasn’t able to reproduce, sorry… :frowning:

I think there are 2 different issues here.

One issue may be my mis-understanding of CCS or the Designer.

1st Issue… when you change the value of a radio button… is it suppose to change the ID.

In the video, you will see the ID change to No-2… keep in mind… I have nothing on the form with the ID of “No”.
See video:

The 2nd Issue…

This issue very difficult to describe and reproduce.

So far… from what I can tell… it centers around the Radio Button Label.

A radio button is actually 3 different elements combined.

The Radio Button Field (wrapper)
The Radio Button
The Radio Button Label

You can change the Group Name and Value by clicking on any of the 3 elements that comprise the “Radio Button”.

However… (not fully tested yet)… it seems you can get a different value if you click on the Radio Button Label and change the values.

When you do this… the ID will change also.

The problem is… if you then click on the Radio Button and change the value… it adds a “-2” to the end of the ID.

I’m still working this issue… trying to replicate it.

As I mentioned… this is a very difficult one to track down.

This video shows some of the inconsistencies of the radio button

Watch the YES value and id

In this example…

I can click on the Radio Button for No or the Label for No
and change the Group Name or Choice Value.

I can do the same for the Radio Button Yes.

If I click on the Label portion of the radio button and erase it…
it erase the entire value.

If I then paste the value in the radio button value field… instead of the radio button label value field…
the id only changes to the what the value says… no “-2” afterwards.

The problem - I think is the radio button label. You can have 2 different values… even though they are suppose to be the same and appear to be the same.

But if you assign the value via the label… the ID will get a “-2” because it see’s the radio button value as the 2nd similar id… the label being the first.

Not sure if I am explaining this clear enough.


If you provide the choice name after selecting the radio button label
instead of the radio button
the designer thinks the label has it’s own value…
instead of sharing the value with the radio button and the radio button field.

In the design… you cannot remove the “-2” after the ID for the button
because the designer see’s that the label has the same value.

When you look at the exported code… the designer will create an id for the label.
So the id does in fact already exist. That’s why when you try to change the id in the button…
it adds a -2, or -3, or -4 etc after the id.

To fix it… Remove the entry from the label value and paste / type it into the button value.

This will replace original id and the designer will point the label to the radio button id.

May sound a bit confusing.

The bug is in the label value field.

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