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On this site:

When you fill out the form in the end, you are supposed to choose one of the radio buttons. But you can choose all of them and you cant remove them. Do you know whats going on?

If I choose one and send in the form, the client get the form like all of them is choosen, so they dont know what date they have choosen.



I have figured out that the NAME have to be the same. I messed up. :smiley:

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The only thing that’s weird here is that none of the radio buttons is on to begin with.

Radio buttons usage has rules that can’t be broken:

  1. you need at least 2 radio buttons in a choice area
  2. there is ALWAYS one radio button on by default

If there’s an optional radio button choice list then it has to be activated or deactivated by a checkbox first. Then when it’s deactivated the on default radio turns gray.

none of the radio buttons is on to begin with: Is this a cause for concern? :slight_smile:

Well I was sure there was a “default on” option for radios, but it’s not the case. I may be wrong with my rules, but I use those rules since before 2000 :slight_smile: Webflow allows you to add only 1 radio button, which is odd to me…

Yeah OK I’m not wrong on this, read on Nielsen for example:

The main guideline for radio button design is to select one of the radio buttons by default (i.e., when the page loads, in the case of a web application.) This is good usability and elegant design.

So it may not be a rule but it’s highly recommended for a nice a logical experience.


I guess we can wish for a option to choose the one that is default selected.

In my case I’m glad none is chosen, so a choice would be fine :slight_smile:

You can always use custom code to achieve what you want.

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