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Radio and Div Block MIA

I’m not exactly sure how to voice my concern so instead, I’ll direct you…

The issue that I’m having can be found under the SIGN UP page on the 9th slide with the Plans, it appears to be visible on Desktop view but is non-existent on mobile (from actual mobile device).

Furthermore, on the Dashboard page, my radio buttons are also non-existent on mobile view.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on?

Live Preview

Project View:

An interaction is hiding the form in that slide on page load.

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Thanks @samliew
Uff… that makes sense.
i have removed the interaction but the problem still exists. :frowning:

Looks fine to me now. If not please send screenshots.

I guess its working, I think I figured out the issue, not sure since I moved on but another issue I’m having is on my Dashboard where I have radio buttons, they don’t show when next section is clicked. and also my card at the botton doesn’t reveal fully from the interaction that controls it.

No, I didn’t see the save and continue button at the bottom of the first section, and just clicked on the tab to open.

You have an interaction on the button that is hiding “profile”, which is one of the classes on the radio “buttons”. If in doubt, delete the interactions and use different unique classes.

DANG… that was the problem… Oh man, you are such a life-saver.


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