Radial line after the page loads

Hi there,

Hope you are great.

Ive been trying to get this radial line effect on webflow but Im failing :sweat_smile: please see link below and click enter to see the radial line effect after the page has loaded. Is there a way I can do this on webflow fam?


Can you post your public link please?

Hi @DFink,

I haven’t designed anything yet, was hoping I can get tips on how to do this for future projects so I can start playing around with it now.

Thanks for the reply.

The link you added takes me to a blank page with a sidebar. Am I missing something?

Hi @DFink lets try use this one as reference http://networkcms-template.webflow.io/ please scroll down and hover over National awards then hover out. The line animation is what I would like to achieve.

Azz on webflow made a clonable project that has this same effect on it. https://webflow.com/website/012-Button?rfsn=875865.6bdc7f