Quotes are being adding to HTML from CMS data

Sometime in the past few hours quotes started to be added to the HTML code from CMS data. I was using a plan text field to store a calendar script. I used a text block element to output the embedded HTML script from the CMS text field. It had been working very good until a few hours ago and now quotes are being added to the HTML code rendering the embedded code useless… Is this a mistake or a new feature to prevent embedding HTML inside a CMS data holder?

Hi @livemrecial

Can you please provice a read-only link to your site so we can see where the issue may be?

Thanks in advance :smiley:


see the page called testcal2.

The div called “black” is loading the CMS data field called “test HTML”. This had been working fine until sometime this afternoon. At that point is when double quotes started to appear around the embedded HTML.

Webflow team any help on this issue?

@PixelGeek Any help?

Give people 24 hours to read, and a bit more time to figure out the problem. Not everybody lives in the same timezone as you.

What you were doing was using a feature for a purpose for which it is not intended for. It seems the Webflow team seems to have fixed this ‘bug’ as I see it as a security flaw (injecting scripts).

I too need a feature like this and @thesergie has confirmed that the CMS embed control is almost here. Sorry to hear about your troubles though, hold thumbs! :grin:

Is it possible to use a script like this one on a CMS template page (in the pages’ custom code section) to fill an HTML element with a dynamically stored piece of HTML (where ‘webinarjam-signup-button-embed-code’ is being pulled in with the “add tag” feature in the page custom code are)?

Reeeeeeeeally need CMS html element so hard right now.

      $(document).ready(function() {

So… is there a way to make this fill an HTML element like it does with form fields and whatnot?

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