Quick Question about filtering!

Hi guys!

I was trying to find an answer on the forum and Webflow University without success.
When I am filtering content on my website, does the website load the whole thing, or just loads the filtered content?

I know that “hiding” an element loads it anyway — but does filter do?

Thank you so much in advance,

I was hoping someone else would answer this because I am not 100% positive…

I believe what filtering does is the same thing as hide, however, you do not need to set any sort of animation. I believe it is essentially JS Code that wraps the elements in an if statement, and runs through the code revealing show and hiding the others on the condition you created.

In other words, it does still load the entire content. There may actually be a speed advantage to manually hide the items you want as then the script is not checking all elements.

Let’s hope someone can correct me is I am wrong.

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If you are referring to the native webflow filtering of CMS collection items, as far as I can tell the content for the filter is generated during publishing and is static. So if your filter is set to display 3 items from a collection of say 50 items only those 3 items will be loaded in the published page.


@Gail_Ranger is correct as the filtered results are rendered on publish.

Perfect thank you so much!