Quick help? my homepage scroll animation needs a little fix, I'm almost there

Hi, I’m trying to animate my home page properly.
The idea is: that as you scroll. the logo moves up… then the background image starts moving up slowly so we can see the rest of the image… then the navbar appears and scrolls up to the top.

Right now I have that black space showing up below the image and cutting it, and the most annoying part is that I only see it when its published but not when working in the designer.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Evidence of Things

Hi @Gabriel_Gonzalez1,

A quick fix for this is changing the Body background color to #fffbf6.

Otherwise you could adjust the height of the section to a lower height (say 120VH), it’s possible that the image isn’t big enough to handle the 180VH height.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Milan, I did try that, but actually, the image is larger and is cutting off on the published site, and I cant figure out why.