Quick help for alignment needed

Hello, everybody,

I’m gonna need your help right now. I’ve been trying for an hour and just can’t get it right.
The link is below.
It is about the page “Speisekarte”.
Section: Suppe

I want to avoid bad experience on the Ipad and would like to have the following:
I want the “DIV Foodwrapper” to always be in the center of the “Section Suppe”.
I want the “Div Food Picture” to be always right of it.

Now I want the “Div Foodwrapper” on the Ipad to be in the center and the “Div Foodpicture”, which is to the right of it, will only show what fits on the screen. So with “no show”

How do I get that a div is always in the center, and his neighbor always keeps to the right of it?

Thank you for your help.

Greetings from Munich

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Hi @FromMuc,

You can give them both sizing X (no shrink, no grow)

and then play with positioning.