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Quick Help for a beginner inheriting a webflow website

Hi, I inherited a website from a client thats on webflow, and while I am able to work out a lot of the kinks, there are some setting that I’m having some trouble finding.

Here is my read-only link:

And here is my regular URL:

Two things:

  1. The top two grids underneath the blue area… i created them myself and they work well on desktop, but I can’t for the life of me make them stack on mobile. All the section below it do, and I can’t figure out what setting they have active that I don’t.

  2. With most destinations, you can simply put the URL or put an option in that will send a Button to a certain page. With newsletter popups, apparently its different. I copied a previous newsletter button, and put in an actual link, but the newsletter continues to pop up. I have no idea where that setting is.

Please please help! Thank you,

1: You’re using grids a lot. Try using ordinary divs instead and the “flex” option. I hate using grids personally, so no idea how you fix that.

2: Seems like the newsletter buttons have animation triggers on them that trigger the popup. You can remove them from the “interactions” menu at the very top right (after selecting the button). It’s under the “Element trigger”.

Do I just remove the grids and thats it? Or do I need to put divs into other containers?

I used columns instead and it worked. Thank you so much.

Another question, any idea how they do the whole animation phasing in stuff in the other sections?

Figured that out as well. Have one final question. How do I move the video about the text to the left of it on mobile?