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Quick find bug on find div

Quick find has been a massive time saver since its introduction.

However, this morning I noticed what I hope is a bug. I have been religiously using CMD E then D to place a div block, the most common and universal item for all sites. This morning however, CMD E then D now finds the Background videos element, somehow this has jumped to the top of the list!

This is a big pain, not only have I lost an ingrained shortcut, but the new top find is an item that is only ever used once or twice if at all in any build.

Please tell me this is either a bug or a mistake.

Please get this changed back.

Thanks Graham

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Hi Graham! Thanks for the report — I’ve tested and verified that this issue is reproducible, and just pushed out the fix for ya :). Can you refresh the Designer and see if “Div” is back at the top of the list when you type in “d” in Quick find?


Fixed for me, thank you!

Yes fixed, thanks Tai

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