Quick collaborator access?


When I create the Collaborator in the Admin Account website dashboard, an email is sent to the collaborator with a quick access. If they click this URL the collaborator enters their website in Editor Mode. There it also asks for a User and Password for the Collaborator account.

Some doubts about this:

1. It exists a minfied general version to enter a website in Editor Mode? (something like www.mywebsite.com/cms in Wordpress)

2. If it dosen’t, then what’s the purpose of asking a User and Password?

I’ve also tried to enter Webflow with the Collaborator account and it takes it like a different account. In webflow’s dashbord the shared website dosen’t appear, so it seems that the quick URL on the email is the only way for the collaborator to enter the website in Editor Mode.

I would be glad to hear other opinions regarding this matter. The way it is now seems a bit impractical imho for both Admin and Collaborator.

The “short link” to enter on Editor Mode is like this:

This should show a small icon on the bottom right where you can enter the credentials and you’re good to go

That solves the issue. Thanks!

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