Questions formatted as Drop-down / Options, in Form to CMS automation using Logic

Dear Community,

I created a Form to CMS automation using Logic. Here is the read-only link to my project.

Everything works well, except the questions which are set in drop-down / Options format in the form. The answers which are chosen from the drop-down in the form are not transferred to CMS properly.

I tried two things:

  1. To set the corresponding CMS Custom Field in Options format.

In this case there is no way to connect the CMS custom field to the corresponding field from the Form in Logic. The Flow just shows predefined answers that I had created in CMS. I can only manually choose one of those answers directly in the Flow.

Upon submission of the form, these same answers which I chose in the Flow appear in the CMS, regardless of the real answers that the person chose in the form.


  1. To set the corresponding CMS Custom Field in Plain Text format.

In this case regardless of the chosen drop-down answer in the form, CMS custom field shows “Another Option” text.


Is there any way to fix this?

Having limited drop-down options instead of free text is essential to prevent chaos in the submitted data.

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards,


Dear @memetican @webdev @ChrisDrit @Stan would someone of you be able to help me with this?

I also contacted Support some days ago, but still no answer.

Your input is extremely appreciated.

Thank you.

All the best,


Unfortunately readonly view shows almost nothing about logic flows so it’s very difficult for the community help. But your screenshots are useful. It seems clear that selections and options are not supported either at the form level or within the CMS.

If you’re just trying to get the data through, you could short-circuit that using JS. You’d have a select in your form, but on change, you’d update a hidden plaintext field with the new select value. That will pass into Logic fine.

It’s an unfortunate hack that should be unnecessary, however Logic was launched as an incomplete product due to some significant staffing shifts.

If you’re 95% of the way to your goal, I’d probably just go ahead and complete that last step, however if there is more to build, I’d probably pivot away from Logic and towards Make or Zapier. Make has a free plan that may suffice for you and as of yesterday, the new App integration features may make it even easier to integrate.

I’m at a conference this week so haven’t had the opportunity to look.

Dear @memetican, thanks a lot for your fast reply, it is very helpful.

I will investigate these options.

All the best, Olympiada

@Olympiada sorry to hear you’re having troubles.

Logic is really great for quick, simple solutions. I’d say your needs span beyond that and my suggestion is to move over to a free Make (Integromat) account.

Life should be easy :beers:

I just now setup what you’ve described with a Make account in about 5 minutes (though, I do this a lot).

Webflow Form → Make → Webflow CMS

Try the live site for yourself.

Checkout the shared Webflow project for all the secrets (spoiler: there are none).

Download the Make Blueprint, upload it into your Make account, connect it to your Webflow site and you’re off to the races.

Hope that helps!

Dear @ChrisDrit, thank you, this is amazing!

Actually I tried to reset the Logic Flow again yesterday, and now it had an option to connect also the drop-down questions, see screeenshot.

So everything worked and I am very happy. I suppose that Logic had undergone some improvements just this week when I needed them the most.

Saving your Make suggestion for later when I will need to build more stuff :+1:

Life should be easy indeed, thanks a lot for your help!