Questions about Webflow's Pricing

New user here, trying to understand Webflow’s pricing. Why is it so complicated?

What I understood ( please correct when i am wrong):

Starter Is Free but limited to 2 projects ( meaning 2 websites? Or 1 website with 2 pages?, 2 websites with 2 pages??, …)

Lite, 16$/mo, 10 projects ( meaning?)

If i want to make a 20 pages CSM website I need:
Plan: PRO , 35$/mo x 12 = 420$
Hosting CMS: 16$/mo x 12= 192$

Total 612$ annually !!??
Please please, tell me that is not true

1 Project - 1 Website

Pro Account = $420 (unlimited hosted 3rd level)

That doesn’t include 2nd level hosting or cms.

2nd level and cms are additional fees per domain.

Hosting is between $15 Basic , $20 CMS, or $45 Business a month depending Hosting Plan.

If you choose Basic ($15)… and you don’t get CMS.

So using your example:

Pro Plan = ($70 a month = $420 a year)
CMS Hosting ($20 a month = $240 a year)

$Total $640 a year…

Don’t quote me on that because

  • I self-host and
  • I don’t use the CMS feature.

Better person to ask is @PixelGeek or @Waldo

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Hi @Jacky thank you so much for reaching out and great question!

Just to clarify we have Designer plans, and then site Hosting subscriptions.

Designer plans: Starter, Lite, Professional and Team plans. These are plans that allow you to have access to Webflow to build out site projects. If you have a Webflow Lite plan or above you can also export sites built in Webflow.

All you need is a Free Starter plan to start building out a Webflow site.

To unlock more pages in a Webflow site when you have a Free Starter plan, and to add your custom domain to a Webflow site, all you need to do is add a hosting subscription to the site.

You don’t have to pay anything to use Webflow if you setup Client Billing to charge your clients directly for the hosting subscriptions on your sites.

​Please let me know if this is helpful, or if you have any additional questions, I’m happy to help further.

Thank you for the information @Revolution and @Waldo.
I do have some additional questions:

  • With the Free Starter plan and CMS Hosting I can build 1 CSM website with unlimited pages and 16$/mo. x12 = $192 a year. This would be the price per site/per year?
    With Free e-mail?

  • Still not getting this ‘Project’ thing. I read: 2 projects in the Free Starter Plan, 10 projects in the Lite plan. A ‘project’ is a page on a site? Meaning Lite sites are limited to 10 pages? Or is it referring to a complete site?

  • Is there a charge for Client Billing?


Generally I associate a Project to a website.

But it doesn’t “have to be”.

A landing page could be a Project.

Doesn’t matter the number of pages.

So Project A could have an index, / about / products .html pages.

Another Project could have just an index.html page

A third Project could be index.html / blog.html / products.html / thankyou.html

It’s just a group of related / associated html files.

Projects are self-contained meaning… files from Project A are not related to files in Project B.

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It’s just a group of related / associated html files.
Doesn’t matter the number of pages.

I think I understand you. But than it doesn’t explain why i am limited to only 2 pages in my Free Starter Plan? Does it?
I would like to do a little bit more testing with WF before buying a hosting plan

Unless… I need to use folders and no pages to build the site? Now i am getting more confused.
Sorry @Revolution, just starting with WF, thanks for the help!

Hi @Jacky,

A project refers to a website in your dashboard without a Hosting subscription. You are allowed unlimited hosted sites.

You can stage/publish these projects to a URL for prototyping purposes, but will have to add a hosting sub if you want to use a custom domain.

The Free Plan gives you 2 static pages. If you need more, you can add a hosting subscription OR upgrade to the Lite Plan. Either option will give you 100 static pages.

I hope this helps to clarify. If not feel free to PM me and we can discuss it further :slight_smile:

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sorry I had assume you meant the paid plans.

I think the free plan has a 2 page limitation.

EDIT ahhh. @Brando 's here… so he’ll tell the story.


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