Questions about the current combo class

I made a text block in the link block and put the text in it. If you don’t click it, the background color is white, the text is black / If you click it, I hope the background color is black and the text is white. However, the current class is applied only to link block, so only the background color changes when clicking, and the color of the text does not change. I’ve thought of two solutions, please let me know if you know about them.

  1. Is the current class applicable to multiple?
  2. Is it possible to add text without adding text block to link block?

Thank you.

Two options;

  1. Don’t set the text color on the text, set it on the link block instead. This will be inherited by the text. This way Current can change the text color from black to white.
  2. Or, you can make style changes to elements within a current element using custom CSS

Depending on your HTML, this would look something like;

.my-nav .w--current div {
  color: white;
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I’m trying to apply the css code. What does “my-nav” mean among the codes you gave me? Attached is a picture that means there is text in the current link block and a picture about the class of link block. Thank you for your reply.:):slight_smile:

This is a tabs element?
Tough to guess this from your original post, but should work the same.

.my-nav is whatever the class is of that containing element.
You need to look at your source but it will be something like .tabs-div or .tabs-menu-wrapper perhaps.