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Questions about a website layout

Hey guys,
I was wondering if this is possible to do on webflow. If so, what is this style called?


The scrolling effect where another section appears.

I’ve seen this effect referred to as parallax scrolling, although it’s just two sections with a fixed background image—something that can be easily recreated within Webflow.

In the example on the Far Cry 6 website, they’re using two images that have the same composition so that it appears to seamlessly wipe between the two, giving the user a cool “transition” effect.

I kinda had the idea but I didn’t know if there was a simple way.
So basically we would just create two sections, fixed background on both.

How would you create the effect of revealing the second section as wiping the first section? On the second page, create a scroll transition?

Hello Cesar,

You can do it by moving the images while the section is scrolling in view.

Live Website:
Read Only Link:


Yes! thank you so much

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