Questionnaire Sections not showing on published site

Hi there,

I’m having issues getting the footer and questionnaire section of a website to show.

The questionnaire and footer sections should be below the embedded “session booking” widget for Zeal Schedule, but it is not appearing on the published site.

If anyone has any fixes for this it would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the published site link : Nutritionist

Here is the read only link Webflow - All For One

Here is my site Read-Only: **[LINK] (Webflow - All For One) **
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Just wondering, have you published the site to your custom domain?

Hi there yes I have, the custom domain is

I mean after you did the changes on Webflow, have you again hit publish?

Yes I’ve published multiple times since adding the content on those pages. I revisited the site today just to check on it and noticed for the first time.

After that I tried to hide the sections and unhide them and republish but the issue is persisting

That is strange!!! Because if it is appearing on preview, it should appear on live as well. It can only be possible if there is a bug on Webflow or maybe because of that embed code you’ve there.

Have you tried removing that embed code and check?

I just duplicated the page and removed the embedded code on the copied page and the footer and questionnaire did reappear. Here is the duplicated page with the fix Nutrition Service Copy test .

Is there any way to rectify this so I can keep the embedded code and the footer etc. ? This is for a client and they want the ability to be able to book clients through the widget.

I really appreciate the help!

Best thing is you should talk to ZealSchedule support because their script is causing the issue. You can express this to your client and they should understand it, because it’s a third party script that is causing the issue.

Ok I guess I’ll go that route. Thanks so much for the help!

If you really want to work with what you have then try adding it inside a modal and put the modal div at the end of the page. Or put it in a separate page.

Or redirect them to the actual appointment page until the issue is fixed.

But you must ask them to check the issue.