Question on webflow collection items and memberstack

Hi everyone,
I just have a quick question how memberstack/webflow works with users. From what I’ve seen so far, memberstack uses the CMS of webflow to store your users, so how is it possible to have over 10,000 users on webflow then if your limited to 10,000 collection items? I might be overlooking something, because memberstack has an option for unlimited members and webflow has the site plan for unlimited projects, so how can you create a website with more than 10,000 users if each user is counted as a collection item?

Edit: Just the gist of what I’m trying to build, I’d like to create a website where clients can sign in and view their website/make changes/etc on a dashboard, besides just editing from the client portal itself.

Thank you for the help!

Hi @thedevjake

My name is Robert and I work for Memberstack. I know this post is from while ago, but I wanted to jump in and give you an answer in case anyone else comes across this post.

The short answer to your questions is that the need for a CMS collection of users is not always necessary (and, more often than not, is explicitly not necessary). When a new user signs up with Memberstack, their user profiles are stored on Memberstack itself. That means that all of the features attached to that account (gated content, membership tiers, etc.) are implemented and executed without interacting with any CMS collection.

The only instance where user profiles would flow into a collection is if you need to display a list of user profiles on your site (in which case you’d probably set up a Zapier integration to add new collection items for each new user profile entered into MS). In that situation, you may run into problems once you get near that 10,000 item limit. There are a couple good resources what to do when you run into this problem – most involve storing your data elsewhere and building a JS integration (often using Integromat or Zapier) that’ll pull that into your site in some other way. I can do more investigating towards that end if you’d like.

Again, though, if all you need is a space for these user profiles to exist, Webflow’s CMS collection limit isn’t going to be an issue. Let me know if this answers your question!