Question: Negative Degrees & Positioning - Custom Hamburger Icon

I am in the mix of creating a customer hamburger menu. My question is… for those of you who have made the custom interaction hamburger menu’s do mobile or desktop browsers display a rotated div element that is in the negative rotation or move left or right coordinate weird? Or does it display it correctly? Reason I ask is I know some browsers display negative margins weird - therefore I do not use them just to be safe.

Any insight is helpful!


Hey @seank do you have an example of the custom hamburger interaction? I can have a look and test in multiple browser to see if there are any issues.


Not currently sir. I am planning on working on it this weekend for sure though. Do you use a program to multi-test browsers? I have researched and found some good one’s out there but they all cost a monthly fee because your mostly using a remote computer I believe to do so.

Hey @seank

I currently use a service called They have screenshot feature which is free to use. I tend to use this a lot but i bought a subscription to test live versions of my sites rather than screenshots.

Hope this helps!

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