Question about the share-only link!

Whenever I share my share only link the content is always a lot bigger on that compared to the editor. Which sizing is correct, the one in the editor or the one from the share-only link?

Can you post screenshots? If you are using percentage-based widths / heights the editor view will be “smaller” b/c the panels take up space on both the left and the right and when that space becomes available (i.e. no editor panels or larger monitor) the page will look larger.

For example if you have a div set to 80% width and the parent can only be 800px wide b/c of the editor panels it will only take up 640px, but if that parent div is able to take up 1000px, the 80% width div will take up 800px.

If that is not the issue post screenshot :slight_smile:

Some elements appear bigger in view/published mode than in design mode.
This happens usually to elements with set width % or VW and/or images set to fixed.

The reason is that in designer mode, we have the side panels, so when setting something to 100% width, it will calculate 100% width of the browser window minus the side panels.
When in view mode or published, that same browser window gets wider.

I Hope this makes sense :slight_smile: