Question about structure of collection


I have a hard time to wrap my mind around how to set up my collection.
I just want to have a one-pager, with a simple structure. Like this

I am able to set up the first block (Issue 1 and Posts). But how can I get the CMS to show the next Issue title and its posts below?

I thought of having a collection for the posts and a collection for the “issue titles”. Each post is referencing to a specific issue. But I can’t figure out how to set up the markup so below the first title / post block, follows the next one.

Thanks for your help.

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So don’t think of a collection as doing anything - I know that sounds weird - but it really doesn’t. It’s simply a database where you stored content.

It’s the components that does the work!

  1. If I add one text box: I tell that text box where to grab the title from. Person 1, 2, or 3. That’s it!

  2. It’s all your doing to saying grab this info - from here.

  3. Where the auto-pull actions comes in - is in collection pages!

  4. A CMS collection is simply me creating a database of my content.

  5. On my page I design - using components (text, image, paragraph, etc).

  6. Then I use the Webflow system to grab that info for me. I need to set up the boxes so Webflow can display the info for me. Otherwise, all I have is a database with items, content, images, just sitting there.

Hope that helped.

Thanks for your reply. That all makes sense to me. But I am afraid I didn’t a good job of explaining my issue.

The Issue title has to repeat itself automatically and has to come from a collection. Otherwise its not dynamic content :wink: This is the page by the way. Maybe it makes my problem more clear.

I just want to have another block, starting with an issue title followed by postings.

I think the answer (maybe) is to create an ‘issues’ collection that has a multi-reference field and an ‘articles’ collection. You can then reference the various articles in each issue and display them in one collection list. I’m not sure exactly how it works myself but hopefully there is someone out there that can better explain the process.

Hope this helps.
Many thanks,

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