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Question about read-only

I’m curious about how the read-only links work. If I am asking a question in the forum and I provide the link, I often wonder how difficult it must be for people to look into my problem when I am still working on the site. I may have flipped through a few pages and tabs since I posted the link and I would assume the person checking out the link wouldn’t be able to locate the issue with much ease.

When you click generate new share link does it show that version only? So if changes are made after the link is generated they wouldn’t appear in the read-only link? I’m thinking kind of like when you preview previous site versions but only the read-only link takes you to the version from when you generated a new link.

Maybe this is how it works, I’m just not sure.

No, it will load the last saved version (whether autosave or manual/publish save).

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