Question about programming language

Good morning, would anyone use Ruby or Php in 2020??

Hi @jtorr19, while I don’t use either of the languages I believe they are both still being used today. Are there better alternatives, a whole other discussion. If you are asking whether one would choose Ruby or PHP to start a new project, I think that comes down to code familiarity.

And as long as Wordpress is still around, PHP will always be in use. Though to my knowledge the latest Wordpress is moving to React.

Thank you for your response Sir. I was asking in case I want to build a website like Airbnb or a realestate. I was wondering because if I have to export it and building it on Laravel or RoR. I was wondering about the complexity of it if not hosted on Webflow. Please advise??

Well do you already know php/ruby? If you do then I doubt it’ll be a tall order.

There are plenty of tutorials and open source codes to duplicate Airbnb on Github for frameworks like React and Vue.js.

I do know a little php but I have been hearing a lot of good thing s about Ruby 3.0 and was always interested in learning it but more concerned about if there are any jobs for it.

I think the best way to decide whether to learn a new language is to know what your goal is. Say if you want to build Airbnb, you might want to find out what tech stack it is build on and learn those. If you are concerned about positions, best is for you to find the job or company that you would ideally want to work for and check their tech stack and learn them.