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Question about multiple Adobe Font API on Multiple Webflow Accounts

Hi there Webflow Community,

So I know Adobe Fonts allows us to generate multiple API Tokens. What I’m wondering is can we integrate these API tokens into say, a client account? So say if I have 10 clients account, can I just generate 10 API tokens and integrate them into each one? Or is this not possible? Would clients need to get an Adobe Subscription then?

Thank you!

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hi @eli-webdesigner and welcome. Because token of Adobe fonts collection is related to your Adobe account you can use this one token on several clients pages. Problem will come when you decide to end Adobe subscription and token become invalid.

I have recently unsubscribed from Adobe Fonts and now buying fonts instead. At first I do not need to pay monthly $27 at second Im not overwhelmed with zilions fonts and that speed up my process by choosing good fonts for website. If language on your clients pages is english and doesn’t use some specific ligatures there is also many nice webfonts and some with several weights for free that can be used.

To clarify, do you mean it’s possible to add my API token on a completely different Webflow account? (Not my own account, but my client’s account with his own login details.)

Can you share with me your insights as to why you decided to end your subscription from Adobe Fonts?

hi @eli-webdesigner Sorry but I have give you wrong answer. According to Adobe fonts licensing terms your client has to have creative cloud license to be able to use Adobe fonts.

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