Question about Migrating from Wordpress after Hack

I have a small website that I originally had on Webflow. At the time, Webflow was missing a few key components that I needed for my site, so I moved it to wordpress. however, it looks like that is no longer the case.

I’ve been thinking about moving it back, but was busy with other things and didn’t have the time to prioritize to redesigning the website.

Today, my website was compromised through a plugin (it seems) and the site is down. This has motivated me to move my website back to webflow where I didn’t have to worry about these problems.

My question is: Can i simply change the nameservers to point through cloudflare into webflow right now, or do I need to fix the hack that occured in the database in Cpanel before doing so?

I hope I’m asking this question in a way that makes sense, I’ve never experienced a hack and not really sure what I need to do before moving the site to webflow- Thanks!

Self replying as I received an answer from my current host - I was told that the infection is isolated to the wordpress database. If I change the name servers back to webflows - the infection will not follow and I will be good to go. So I don’t have to spend the money getting it fixed.

wasn’t sure if I should delete this post, but figured I’d update it with the answer I received.